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Originally Posted by Kweisner View Post
Okay, trying to be creative here so give me a little latitude. How about getting her a set of nail polishes matched to the Expedition colors. IOW, one bottle of nail polish that matches each of the available colors. If you can get the brochure from the dealer with the color chips, I'm sure a salesperson at one of the big dept stores can help you find a close match for most if not all.

Then, if you really want to play out the concept, get the same number of matchbox cars (do they still make them?) and she can paint each one with the nail polish for a 'scale model' Might be a fun way to make selecting the colors interesting, and even if she doesn't actually paint the model, the nail polish is a good "angle" for doing the color exercise.
This might be too creative - as a school teacher she'd likely kick my arse of O gave her anopther art project! LOL
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