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Dash project

So its time for my next project , my dash . I purchased a used gauge cluster off of e-bay and spent the better portion of today stripping the upholstery off of it and sanding it smooth as I plan on having it hydro dipped in a burl wood grain finish . The parts I want to do are the cluster , the filler w/12 volt outlet and the breaker/switch panel . I had to repair several small areas in the dash and one corner with epoxy this went smooth and I primer surfacer'd it today and will sand down on Tuesday . The question I have revolves around the breaker/switch panel . It is obviously labeled and those are going bye bye and I need to find a source for new ones . I looked at overtons and west marine and they have small labels but look somewhat cheesy . I have thought about taking it to a vinyl shop afterward but not sure something that small can be done . I know its originally silk screened but I am using a local for the hydro dip and he doesn't do that . Anyone out there got a solution ? I am attaching a picture of the breaker panel and the cluster .
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