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Originally Posted by bsloop View Post
Sorry I cant say specifically if it is a good fit since I don't know/remember your battery bank size. The 7002 outputs 7amp and is spec'ed to charge banks between 14-150 amp hour. Generally, if you have more than two batteries, I would charge them independently with a 7002. They make more powerful units however.

Regardless if it is your primary charger, I do like it for doing a maintenance charge over all my batteries independently, twice a year. No scientific proof it helps.

$140 sounds high compared to the $105 I paid off Amazon in May 2012 but I see Amazon is now at $135 so maybe Ctek has raised prices substantially. You also have that Canadian factor

i ended up paying 129.99 on sale. haha ya the Canadian factor definitely plays a role in the price.

just have it on one of my battery's charging now hopefully it is as good as the reviews
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