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Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
IronJ- Do you have plans to ride the G21 soon? I would be interested in your comparison to the stock wake on the G23. I am familiar with the G23 wake, and want the opinion of someone who really shreds these wakes...... Also, you seem to have mostly unbiased opinions on the subject of wakes.
I'm sure ironj will chime in soon enough, but I can give you my opinion after driving and riding behind both.

Stock vs stock, I prefer the G21.
Reason being is the G21 has a lip similar to the 210/230.
Both stock wakes are similar in height and transition length, but the peak of the G21 gives a really nice boot straight up, which is my preference since I came from the steep supra wakes and now a 230.
Both G wakes are about equally wide also.

Now since no one has loaded a G21 besides the pros, we'll have to wait and see how that boat handles extra weight. The general consensous from the nautique pros is that the G23 is bigger when slammed, which makes sense.
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