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Originally Posted by gwozhog View Post
Can a gps unit be installed with that PP system on the ebay link i listed. Is it compatible.
Some of it, yes, but they would have to send you a new computer to upgrade to the GPS version. Whichever version you get, just make sure you get the multiline gauge. As long as you have the multiline gauge, then all you need for the GPS upgrade is the new computer and the puck antenna. You will still need the controller motor that goes on the engine as well as the cables that hook it up. At that point, you may as well just buy it from PP. Like I said before, PP will guide you through everything you need. Just be aware that they will not warranty anything not bought through them or an authorized distributor. They will probably highly discourage you from buying from ebay, but that is up to you. I don't think it would stop me.

Try looking on There are sometimes used units out there that will do the trick for you for fairly reasonable.
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