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Originally Posted by atihanyi View Post
So long story short . I am fifty and ski 5-6 days a week in the spring/summer about half and half open water to course . Last year in august I developed a severe pain in my left elbow that got better with ice and was aggravated by skiing (didn't stop me though) fastforward to late fall . I needed shoulder surgery and had to see my family doctor for pre-surgery physical so I asked him about it . He tells me right away I have golfers elbow (never played golf in my life ) and that it should get better in the off season with lack of use . He goes on to tell me I can wear a band on my elbow that puts pressure on it at a certain point which may or may not help . Anyone one else dealing with this ? what are you doing about it ?
This must be the new name for tennis elbow as nobody plays tennis anymore.... next I suppose it will be Wii elbow
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