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Luke, head to autogeek forum before you get too deep into. There are great articles there about buffing boats. Boats are easy to do with all the flat services. I just did mine this last year. I didn't think it really needed it till I did one little area then realized how much better it looked after I got done.

I would also recommend not wet sanding unless you have to. I'm not sure of your skill level or not so, I'm going to give you some advice. Compound is just like sandpaper it's removing the top layer, which in your case is dull. The less you have to do to get it back shiny the better. I'll give you the steps from hardest starting with one to the final step. You don't have to start with one you may start with 3 based on the condition. I just did my 2012 Audi and started with 4. The further down the chart you start the easier it is because you can't skip polish and top coat (Sealer) With the pictures you downloaded you are for sure going to compound but it may not be necessary to wet sand. By the way I use Lake Country Pads Tangerine, White, Black, Red and Gold is what I use the most.

1. Dry Sand 1000/1500/3000 Grit
2. Wet Sand 1000/1500/3000 Grit
3. Heavy Duty Compound ( I prefer 3M) Tangerine Pad
3A. Medium Cut Compound (I prefer Menzerma) Tangerine Pad
4. Polish (This is actually a lighter compound) It will not have dust most will look like oil when you are buffing (I only use 3M Swirl Eliminator) White or Black Pad
5. Final Coat (This is a sealer of any kind) I prefer Blackfire I place it on by hand and polish it off with the Red or Gold pad

I hope this helps you. Read alot on the autogeek forum it will save you some time. I've done many details and just to give you an idea on how much time I think it will take you should spend about 20+ hours doing it, so don't think this will be a day project. If you do the job in a day it will show take a week to do it and you'll be glad you did. Don't rush and take everything off you can.
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