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Originally Posted by imyourmaster View Post
Anyone know what the fill rate is on the stock Jabsco pumps? I saw an old post which indicated about 10 GPM. Another post also stated that '08 boats had timers set at 20 minutes as opposed to 6 minutes for older models.

If this is correct, the ballast pump will add 83.5 lbs of water per minute to a ballast tank (1 gallon = 8.35lbs).

My '08 X2 port and starboard tanks each add 150lbs of weight to the boat when filled to capacity. So it would take about 2 minutes to fill a tank. If I added a 750lbs bag to my port locker I would have a total of 900lbs - a fill time of just under 11 minutes.

Isn't a timer set for a 20 minute runtime overkill? I'm just thinking out loud I suppose, but it does make me wonder why you would need that much time. Please share your opinions!
I think the pump is going to run slower, because of the pressure in the tank. He is filling the tank from down under so needs to pump the mass of the water up. Jabsco pump Pump Capacity: 640 GPH
Bag Fill Rate: 89 lbs/minute
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