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Anyone know what the fill rate is on the stock Jabsco pumps? I saw an old post which indicated about 10 GPM. Another post also stated that '08 boats had timers set at 20 minutes as opposed to 6 minutes for older models.

If this is correct, the ballast pump will add 83.5 lbs of water per minute to a ballast tank (1 gallon = 8.35lbs).

My '08 X2 port and starboard tanks each add 150lbs of weight to the boat when filled to capacity. So it would take about 2 minutes to fill a tank. If I added a 750lbs bag to my port locker I would have a total of 900lbs - a fill time of just under 11 minutes.

Isn't a timer set for a 20 minute runtime overkill? I'm just thinking out loud I suppose, but it does make me wonder why you would need that much time. Please share your opinions!
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