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Originally Posted by 76S&S View Post
Guys, I need a little help. I need to buff the back of my boat which has faded. Since I've never done this I thought I would practice on the PWC first. If it gets screwed up, it doesn't matter near as much.

So, I went to do a small area on the pwc last night and the compound almost immediatly turns black. So I'm left with a black buffing pad and this black residue on the pwc that can only be removed by using more compound on a clean rag and buffing by hand.

I'm using 3M compound and a foam cutting pad.

Like it was previously mentioned, it probably has some residue on it. If the gel has a heavy coat of wax on it, you may be pulling some of that out along with some dirt. If cleaning it does not do the trick, you can try lightly wet sanding with 2000 grit on a sanding block. Follow up with the wool pad and rubbing compound. My guess is that when you sand just a little that you will sand off a layer of dirt buildup. It should be a pretty easy job as long as you don't have heavy oxidation. I have a buddy with a Malibu that sits on a lift and the transom is faded from the sun. I took some 2000 to get the oxidation out and buffed and that did the trick. Now he wants to do the entire boat.
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