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I run in salt water and just finished a major redo (see 1998 205 redo in resto section) The boats don't hold up well if you aren't nuts about cleaning, and protecting . especially where you have dissimilar metals. I bought a used engine and tranny from a Team talk owner as he was upgunning. He ran exclusively on salt water and had a closed cooling system which is a must if you are gonna run all the time in salt in my opinion. The engine is and runs beautifully. a tribute to good owner care. You will get about 500-600 hours out of manifolds. Corrossion on other parts is where owners really mess up in my opinion. Couplings clamps electical assemblies. Keep it sprayed, washed off and protected it will be OK. Not as nice as some of the exclusive freshwater boats but I want to ski, own a Mastercraft and Im not moving from the beach. Cheers, Wing
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