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Originally Posted by Kyle View Post
I'm willing to bet that the boat was too heavy for the truck. Things like this happen when you haul a heavy load without the proper tow vehicle. Kind of like hauling a 3000# Mastercraft, 1,500# trailer, gear etc and having no trailer brakes when hauling behind a tiny toy taco. If you have to stop quick then things like this happen regardless of how far you haul (cough cough 1mile @ TxsRiverRat). This could be a '93 205 one day

It's not always about fuel economy, it's about safety as well. Just because a tow rig can roll it doesn't mean it can stop it.

Rat, do some research on the toy box pulling the space shuttle. The shuttle had assistance helping it simulate that the toy truck was pulling 100% of it. There is no way that the truck stopped the shuttle either without further assistance. I'm sure there is legal documentation saying do not haul a shuttle or equivalent weight. Also note that I'm not saying a f150 could haul the shuttle with its 11,000# towing weight, because it can't either. Your max haul weight is right at 5,000# probably.

Way safer with a navigator or something equivalent. No matter if it's 1 mile or 5 miles, you're not the only person on the road and it only takes one idiot to total your boat.
you mean the rat does not drive one of these? 2013 F150 Off Road ?
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