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Just an FYI update...I ordered a new '14 pretty much completely loaded and got what I felt was a respectable deal, so in my negotiations to buy the new boat, I used my current boat as a means by which to negotiate. I took a total cost approach in looking at the overall deal, what that means is that, by trading it in when I did, I avoided having to spend the money to keep it insured, winterize it, have it detailed, store it indoors, fix the prop, repair a couple of scratches, fix the broken trailer connection and lighting, replace the cover which got ripped badly right at the end of the didn't to have the pain in advertising it or selling it, and got the trade in differential tax avoidance off the purchase of the new boat. All told I would have had to have sold my boat next spring for $45,000 next spring to break even with where we shook out. (which I probably could have done easily) For not having to deal with it, to me I felt it was fair and worth it. The dealer is asking $49,000 after he cleaned it all will be a great boat for somebody, I sure loved it!
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