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Originally Posted by drschemel View Post
elbow problems just suck. It takes just one day to create a problem that will take 6 months to heal. Sometimes it is tendinitis/epicondylitis, sometimes a torn cartilage, and sometimes a mechanical/alignment problem. Not too many doctors are very good at diagnosis. An MRI will be able to see cartilage tears or significant swelling in the tendons. If you have a hand specialist in your area, he would probably be your best bet.
True that.... both wife and I suffer from tendinitis often... mine and wives definitely tendinitis - tennis elbow - first thing my doctor said was - welcome to 50 - so now there's extra attention and new behaviors on activities...

get it checked and do what you can to prevent it.. Hope you can get an MRI with new O-Care pressuring insurers and providers - if you get one - hope it won't prevent sale of the boat.. - yeah
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