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Originally Posted by jprcrprv2 View Post
I would have to agree after reading the op post again. I did not take into account a subwoofer would also be run off the same amplifier.

The reason I said look at the 800/8 was how plan to run my set up. I will be using 1-4 for cockpit and then bridge 5,6 and 7,8 for the towers with a 1000/1 on the subs.
That's a good plan, and a LOT of power for the subs.

I like the 2 amp setup for a variety of reasons. In addition to the things I mentioned above, 2 amps means 2 separate power supplies instead of a single power supply trying to keep up with the demands of the entire system, and 2 heat sinks which means you can dissipate twice as much heat (very important in a marine system).
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