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New Ballast System

I am starting to map out my custom ballast system I will be installing in my 2007 Maristar 200VRS.

I will be installing 3 pumps feed from 3 thru hull pick ups (drain and fill below water line) with the X2 bow sac and TBD sized sac in the rear lockers. I have not decided on rear sac as of yet. I have a lot of room because there are not ballast tanks now so it will be 455, 600, 720 OR 750'S. I am looking forward to drilling 6 holes in my new toy.


As I was looking at different wiring options and I came across this:

I think this would give me all I need, the switches (gauges will not work with bags) harness to the fuse panel, relays, harness to switches and harness to pumps...AM I CORRECT????
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