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Thank you!

Thank you for all the posts, this is really helpful. I'm leaning towards the merc that my mechanic quoted me on. He's a great mechanic that my family has been dealing with for years and quoted me at about 5K less than the local Mastercraft dealer.

@Madcity I don't have much preference, I'd just like to get the thing running again. My mechanic seems to think the merc is the most reliable option. I also won't mind getting the extra HP out of it. The boat has run on salt water its entire life and was in really rough shape when I got it. I had everything serviced through a local mastercraft dealer until September when I dropped it off to be winterized, they said she was hydro-locked. I also added a couple photos of the boat.

@skitilldark Since this is my first real ski boat (I used to ski behind a grady white outboard) anything that runs is amazing to me. My mechanic assures me everything will fit.

I did look into Jasper a few months ago but I didn't have much luck finding a mechanic. I keep my boat out at my father's house in eastern LI and there aren't many mechanics that work on ski boats. In fact, there aren't many ski boats out there at all. Even though this merc may not be ideal, this mechanic, whom I trust, is a big fan and the price is better than re-powering with my local dealership. My mechanic is also concerned with the condition of the engine components. He gave me a good quote on re-powering with the original parts, he's just worried that the older parts will fail very soon.

@supreme112279, I'm all ears, let me know.

I really appreciate all the feedback. Now that I've decided not to trade her in, I have a feeling I'll be on team talk a lot more. I've got several projects in mind to update and customize this boat.

Take care and have a happy new year.
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