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Originally Posted by averagename View Post

A couple summers ago I purchased a used 1994 Maristar 225LSV. It wasn't in the best shape but as I didn't have the funds to purchase something better, I went ahead and spent a few grand over the past couple seasons keeping her running. Unfortunately, this past summer the engine died. I am now pricing out options to re-power and was wondering if I could get some advice.

There are many components of this boat that are in rough shape and ready to fail. My mechanic gave me two options:

1. re-power with a long block similar to the original engine salvaging all the original equipment that we can, or
2. spend about $2,500 more and get a 383 Mercury that comes complete with all new parts and I would be getting about 100 additional hp. The mercury is not fuel injected.

Keep in mind, the previous owner didn't take the best care of this boat and throughout its entire life it was run on salt water. There is tons of rust and corrosion on all the original equipment. I too boat on salt but I trailer and flush after every use and do my best to keep everything clean.

Lately I've been using the boat 90% wakesurfing 10% wakeboarding if it matters.

Any information you could provide would be helpful.


I agree with MadCity...I would concentrate more on the ignition rather than fuel injection. I'm always a fan of more power no matter what. I am assuming the 383 will still bolt up to the transmission with no issues? Also don't indmar (and I guess Ilmor now) engines run backwards? Not sure if that is a big deal or not. Smarter people than me can weigh in on that. Welcome to the boards, btw.
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