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Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
You may want to carefully check the tap depth of the holes, thickness of riser at holes, gasket, & lock washer thicknesses as compared to your bolt length. On mine, 1-1/2" long wouldn't work, they'd bottom out in the hole prior to getting tight. I've seen where 1" is often called for, but that didn't look like enough threads to grab for me. I'd get the 1-1/4" length.

I also used a regular hex head style stainless steel bolt. Socket head stainless steel was what came out. Much easier to install and tighten. Of course with some anti-seize.
Yeah, I looked at mine and it looks like the 1.5" is not going to work. I may look into that hex bolt to see if there are any 1.25" bolts. Thanks.
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