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Originally Posted by payne04 View Post
Do not sit and play at all... I have to 2 battery's and they are in switch it has 2 0r 1 or all... Not real sure how to set the battery's up like you guys are talking..(house and cranking battery)
With your setup and the fact that you don't spend the day in party cove, any decent pair of combo deep cycle/start batteries will work just fine.
If your setup works fine then I wouldn't worry about it and I'd leave the Perko switch pulling/ charging both batteries.
To run one dedicated for house one for start, isolate those loads to each battery directly preferably with some distribution blocks. At this point, the + to the starter will charge only the battery it's hooked to. Then link the 2 batteries with an ACR auto charging relay and the alt will charge both with the engine running but isolate them once the voltage supply drops below charging volts, 14+V.
This setup has worked well for me and its totally hands off. No switching required.
I installed a shore power charger as well though just to keep the batteries fully charged and maintained but it worked fine without it the first year.
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