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Amp Selection/Config...requesting advice please

I'm looking to build on the stock stereo in my 2012 X2. Stock setup is the Clarion HeadUnit and the 4 JL speakers in the cockpit and bow. I would like to add a sub and a pair of tower speakers.

I'll go with the 10" JL Infinite Baffle for the sub and probably the cheaper JL MX tower speakers...nothing fancy, but very impressed with the quality of the JL Audio stuff.

Here's where I could use some help...the Amp. I'm thinking about buying the JL M700/5 amp and setting it up as follows...
Channels 1 & 2 for Tower speakers
Channels 3 & 4 for the four Cockpit speakers
Channel 5 for the sub

I'm confident I'd be fine for the tower speakers and the sub, but what about dropping the Ohms on the amp for the cockpit speakers on Channels 3 & 4...Does this make sense, or am I just better off putting in a separate amp for the tower speakers?

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinions.

Merry Christmas!
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