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Originally Posted by rydog View Post
I actually was just curious about this subject. I have a 02 X-Star that will have a Syn4, Syn2, and 500 watt polk amp this next year. I currenty have 2 batteries hooked up to a perko switch so I save one for starting the boat and the other to run my audio at the sand bar. Should I upgrade to 3 batteries for this next summer? I ran 2 last summer with two Syn 4s, but now I will have the Syn4, Syn2, and polk 500 watt amp. My alternator is stock and I spend a decent amount of time at the sand bar.
Theres no yes or no answer. The need for more battery amp hours is dependent on how long you want to play and how hard you want to play. But, its always best for the batteries to have more batteries that are cycled shallower, then less batteries that are cycled deeper. If you regularly hang out at the party spot, then adding a 2nd house battery (more Ah's) could be a benefit. Then it may be time to think about some shore charging for that house bank and not rely on the alternator to recharge.
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