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Thanks. I have been reading the posts here on trailers and watching youtube videos to see what I can do on my own. You are spot on about the weak point in the trailer. Looks like it collapsed on the PO. I am new to boats and trailers so I'll just quote what I got from the dealer: Found brake lines removed from axle and trailer rail. Caliper lines have been open to water/air, most likely rusted frozen inside. Trailer has excessive rust. Looks like trailer collapsed in the middle and when reinforcing repair was made, hole for brake line was welded over with patch. Master cylinder line in tongue rusted off and not connected to anything. Master cylinder has fresh fluid in it but is probably rusted inside preventing fluid from pumping out rusted line. Needs master cylinder, most likely hitch shock, rubber tongue line, new hard line for trailer, rubber line to axle, T fitting, hard lines for axle to calipers, new calipers, bleed brakes and test. Approx 6 hrs to repair.

I pull with a Sequoia, so I don't notice a lack of brakes, but the rust and wheels are certainly a concern. If Sallen was closer, I'd certainly be interested in upgrading to something more dependable.
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