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Originally Posted by Jayhawk View Post
I don't know what they're worth, but I wish I had one in that condition. Just got mine back from the dealer and they said it had excessive rust and that getting the brakes repaired would cost me about $2000. I also checked the date on the tires and they are 2006, so I'll need those as well. Haven't checked the bearings yet. The PO took great care of the boat, but looks like he ignored the trailer.
You can rebuild your entire brake system for ~ $500 or less (and it's a relatively easy and straight forward project). Convert to disc brakes for about the same, all new stuff. $2000 is a huge gouge but coming from a dealer, it's not surprising...

Rust is no surprise either, as you would expect. Where a common weak point in the trailer frame: when the goobs that cut an opening in the tube steel to route the metal hydraulic lines out of the interior of the tube and route to the (exterior) disc or drum, they typically use a flame cut method (from all that I have looked). This leaves a jagged and uneven opening in the tube, making an easy point for stress to migrate, (stress-riser point) for a crack to begin. There's the beginning of the end.

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