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SpokaneSteve 02-15-2014 11:17 AM

Considering V205/X2/X1 - Advice Requested
Hello all:

We are located in Spokane WA. We have decided to make the plunge into an inboard boat and have somewhat zeroed in on the V205/X2/X1 hull as (hopefully) within our budget $35K and meeting out needs (25% wake boarding, 25% tubing, 25% lounging, 10% skiing and hopefully being able to try wake surfing.

One question we had is can we make the boat have very little wake for beginning wake boarders?

Are we on the right track with looking at this boat?

Here is one:

This one is newer but has more hours and is probably out of our price range but maybe it's so much better we should try to stretch? I'd be interested in thoughts on that please:

What other things should we consider, ask the dealers/owners about? Is a motor compression check necessary or advisable for purchase? How important is a water test (it's been a bit chilly lately)

I know these are newbie questions, please feel free to point me to other threads that I should consider. From what I've read you guys know A LOT about boats and I appreciate any advice.

Thanks much, Steve

Tristarboarder 02-15-2014 11:50 AM


The '05 X2 has the MCX Motor 350 hp (upgrade) almost half the hours of the other (bonus)which has the base 310 hp Raptor motor. That X2 looks sharp, I like the colors.

MI_Corey 02-15-2014 12:14 PM

205v hull sounds like a good choice for you. I wouldn't worry about making the wake small for beginners. If the wake with no ballast is still intimidating to them you can always shorten the rope to get them a mellower wake that's not as steep and let them ride there until they get better.

snork 02-15-2014 12:41 PM

X2-X1 best all around boat in the used market
'05 looks clean should be able to pick it up in the low $30s
350 hp MCX, clamping swivel board racks, Perfect Pass, JL stereo system, tandem axel trailer w/ aluminum wheels. Pull the graphics and its a sharp boat
'07 is a nice boat with zero upgrades, the listed boat was the budget/entry level offering
310 hp standard board racks, no perfect pass, aftermarket stereo, sgl axel trailer w/steel wheels, not worth more than $30k
If you put the two of them side by side you'll most likely be driving away with the '05 at least that's what I would do

just researched a little and found this, offer low $30k, If I could I'd drive home with this one just for grins
Another '05 X2 for <30k

MC25 02-15-2014 01:11 PM

X2 on snorks opinion. Best used boat money can buy. Can take you from beginner wakes to advanced easily. The 05 x2 is also my choice due to the upgrades that will save you money long term.

sallen 02-15-2014 01:33 PM

I just purchased a 08 X1, but I would also vote for the 05 X2. It has all the upgrades you are going to want long term.

wheelerd 02-15-2014 11:09 PM

In my obviously biased opinion :woohoo: the 05 X2 is the way to go. Should be able to nail one for $30k give or take. The one in Chehalis looks promising. How far from you?
As has been stated, the wake is doable for beginners.
We ski, board, and surf with ours. It's one of MC's classic hulls that's hard to beat.

clrussell 02-16-2014 08:57 AM

Is the top deck on the 05 the same color as the lower hull? The blue color? That's a sweet looking boat!

bjen 02-16-2014 11:06 AM

Based on your list the 205v will work great for you, for the lounging you might find you are a little tight for space. There is a x30 in the classifieds that is in your price range that would give you more room.
Whatever you decide on, as many options as you can get are nice going in, everyone likes to tweak their boat to make it their own but it's an expensive habit and this forum has a bad habit of pushing that addiction.
If the boat you pick comes with perfect pass, heater, shower, racks, good prop, aftermarket or added ballast, dual axle trailer, etc, etc, it will save you thousands. I would just say don't buy the cheapest stripped down boat, you have a good budget and should be able to find a great boat. I would take a loaded 2005 long before a basic 2007/8.
I wouldn't ignore any 205v with the rtp engine, lots of Power to do whatever you want with the right prop, I think the MCX is more desirable and looks cooler so it might help your re-sale a bit or cost you more to buy in.
Good luck with your search.

wheelerd 02-16-2014 11:13 AM

You had asked about what to check for, compression test, etc.
There is an excellent buying checklist on this site here

Obviously, in your (and my) area of the world a lake test is out of the question this time of year. If the boat is in heated storage running the engine is possible.

But if this isn't possible, I wouldn't let it deter you. I bought both of my previous boats in the dead of winter, one of them sight unseen (apart from getting many pictures from the owner.) In fact, I was able to use NOT being able to lake test to my advantage in terms of price negotiation.

Assuming you are able to view possible boats in your area, a careful visual inspection tells you alot, especially if you are purchasing from a private owner. Plain and simple -- has the boat been taken care of? Things like the cleanliness of the bilge speak volumes. Are their receipts and records of maintenance? Talk to the PO -- lots! You will get a sense of his knowledge about boats and boating, his level of commitment to maintenance, etc. If he doesn't know an oil filter from a sparkplug chances are he didn't do much maintenance. (Now, if there are records for complete dealer maintenance, that might be a good thing!) Plus good old fashioned conversation helps to assay whether or not you think the guy is trustworthy.

If you are purchasing from a dealer I would ask for some sort of warranty, even short term, at least until the boat is de-winterized and you have a chance to run it. But you will also likely pay more on a dealer purchase than privately on any comparable boat.

This is a great site -- lots of knowledge (and humor.) Welcome! And enjoy your hunt for your perfect boat.

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