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ac505 10-15-2013 01:10 PM

Shaft log construction (and repair required)- older Xstar
Just cleaning out the bilge on my 2000 XStar and I noticed a small problem. Trying to explain it, the shaft log appears to have a single layer of glass mat covering it, then painted/geled separately to the rest of the boat. Almost as if the boat is built, gel'd then the matting is placed over the log and then gel'd/painted. The single layer of glass has delaminated, so needs to be stripped off, the area cleaned and re-glassed. Not a particularly difficult job and a small area to work on.
To me, what is presently on the boat looks like a repair, however when I inspect the underside, there is absolutely no way there has been a repair as there are no colour mismatches, feather lines etc. I've tried to find some bilge photos on google but to no avail, so if anybody can photograph the shaft log area extending back to the through bolts for the P bracket, that would be really useful. I need to determine how many layers of glass are required so very keen to see what it is meant to be like...THanks

tph 10-15-2013 03:48 PM

Shaft log repair
Not the same boat but...... check this thread from post #14 on.

ac505 10-15-2013 04:21 PM

ah, that now makes sense. MC did a poor job glassing the log in and it has delaminated. No leaks that I am aware of but I may as well reseal when repairing it. Going to be a bit of a tricky job given the limited access with engine and vdrive in the way. Not impossible however

ac505 10-17-2013 12:10 PM

I had a chance to put the boat back in the water after winterising it. Bilge dry and no leaks coming from around the shaft log so my guess is that it was just poorly prep'd during manufacture which led to the delamination, fortunately not water ingress behind the shaft log. I'll give it a good clean up and lay a few layers of glass on it. Without wanting to open a can of worms, am I best with epoxy or polyester resin?

ac505 06-29-2014 04:45 PM

Fwiw, it turns out it was just excess epoxy that delaminated, no glass in it so not structural. Removed offending epoxy, cleaned and repainted. Better than new.

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