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TN Skier 10-12-2013 12:28 PM

Prop Guard vs. Driveway (Prostar 190)
Greetings to all -

It seems that no matter how much drop I put at the trailer hitch, I just cant get the boat in/out of the drive without dinging the drivewy with the prop guard on the trailer ('92 Prostar 190 pulled with '04 Nissan Tiatn 4x4).

I have gone so far as to try using a 10" drop with layered (6" worth) wooden 2x12 ramps (5' in length) to try to bridge the gap. Once the boat is in/out of the leading edge of the drive, then I switch it back to a "normal" drop hitch; this sorta takes some fun out of the day.

My question is this... what are your thoughts on using lift blocks at the axle maybe somewhere between 2-4 inches to raise the trailer frame up and get the prop guard up higher off the deck? :confused:

It seems like an easy fix to me; however I don't want to alter the towability. In my simple mind I don't see that it would; generally the most simplest of my solutions turn into my most difficult of problems.

Thanks in advance for the ideas and advice...

madcityskier 10-12-2013 12:50 PM

It's been done and there are pictures in a few previous threads. The most common answer is drag wheels, or micro rollers (the name depends on who you ask). I'm contemplating adding them to my 85 trailer too.

TN Skier 10-12-2013 12:59 PM

Is there a recommended size of drag wheels?

I forgot to mention that with the 10" drop at the hitch; the spare tire bottoms out on the drive... has turned into quite the engineering project...

There are many contributing variables to the problem...the initial approach angle of the driveway entrance...the grade and crown of the roadway...the height of the spare clearance...the height of the prop guard...

I feel like there may be a multi-approach to the solution in the near future...just looking for the correct one...

There will hopefully be a "new to me" trailer in the future and the the solution will have to be replicated...

waterlogged882 10-12-2013 01:31 PM


tph 10-12-2013 01:36 PM

adjustable ball height
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Not sure if this would help, but you can easily change the height on the fly with a cordless drill with a 3/8" drive adapter. I use this all the time to help at the launch ramp.

OHIOPRO205 10-12-2013 04:37 PM

I was having trouble with mine dragging so I put a 2" lift on my trailer. I used 2" square tubing and bought longer U bolts. I still have to put 2x10 ramps down but that is it. Makes things a lot easier, and now I only need a 4" drop on my truck.

Kyle 10-18-2013 04:47 PM

A little late to post but wanted to give what I did.

I took the boat and trailer to a spring shop here locally. I had custom leaf springs made. They removed my old springs and could tell load and height from them. They added a few leafs and made it stronger than a factory spring. Total lift was like 2-3"

It ran me $200 and they removed old, made the new springs, and installed for that price.

east tx skier 10-18-2013 09:11 PM

Get some poly drag wheels and skip the lifting blocks. I did 2" lifting blocks on my old MC trailer. It worked fine, towed fine, loaded and unloaded fine, but it still wasn't enough to get the prop guard to clear the driveway. It was expensive to have done. It required an alignment (pins were welded in place). The amount of lift needed at the axle to get the prop guard up is just too much if your driveway slope was like mine. With poly drag wheels, you can bring it down nice and slow and your driveway won't be chewed up like it will with steel wheels. If they wear out (mine are over 6 years old), you can replace the wheel for a relatively cheap sum.

I literally tried everything with my old trailer. Boards, 8" drop hitch, 2" lift blocks, stainless drag wheels, etc. When I got my new to me boat 6 years ago, I ordered the poly wheel kit from Dorsey, had it installed, and have been happy as can be with the results. They aren't as pretty as my old stainless rollers, but they are much better on the driveway.

The answer is: You can lift it, but unless you only are dealing with a slight incline, it is unlikely to make much of a difference.

My old trailer.

JMLVMI 10-18-2013 11:07 PM

I like these pictures, but let's get some shots of the driveway too!

east tx skier 10-19-2013 10:33 AM

Here you go.

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