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Lockz06sam 10-11-2013 01:22 AM

WTB Mastercraft 01/02 X-Star or similar
Looking for
2001-2002 Mastercraft X-star or
2003-2005 Mastercraft X2 or
2002-2005 Mastercraft 205V

Freshwater boat with less that 700 hours.
Boat extras must include factory mastercraft trailer, factory mastercraft zero flex tower, and perfect pass
Also would preferably with a Bimini, towing cover and tower speakers if possible.

Looking to spend between 20 and 25k.
Close California is preferable, but will travel for something at the right price.
Am happy to wait 6-9 months if anyone has plans for upgrade or knows of a boat going on the market next year etc.


Rossterman 10-11-2013 10:53 AM

Why did you exclude a 2001 205v from your list but included a 2001 x-star? Just curious as to your logic as they are identical and any options on the x-star could be ordered on the 205v?

I originally was looking for an x-star and ended up buying a 205v. I actually like the more classic look compared to the big decal now that i have had it for awhile.

You are at the low end on pricing with those options but deals can be found from time to time. You also may want to consider that these boats probably have the early version of perfect pass and the gps stargazer version can be added very easily for ~$1200 and 3 hours of your time so not worth passing on some that are missing your "must have" on the perfect pass (trailer and tower though would be on the required list for me as well).

Lockz06sam 10-12-2013 05:26 PM

Hi Rossterman,

Thanks for your feedback. Would definitely consider a 2001 205v as well and those without perfect pass.

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