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gaz46 09-24-2013 05:16 PM

impco propane
Hi guys.

Im looking in to converting my 91 prostar to propane. I converted my skier using an impco 425 set up but it only ran on propane. I was just wondering if anyone had used the impco dual fuel set up. id like the option of running on gas or petrol as we plan on going to france next year and the lake has no gas pump, just petrol, it was a pain in the aŁ$ taking the boat out of the water as the filling station was a 20 minute drive!!!

Cheers. Gaz.

88 PS190 09-26-2013 05:36 PM

I've not seen one of the dual fuel boat set ups, I have seen a trifuel - on a generator that did gas, propane, and I believe natural gas.

Slick set up - let the guy run off his house's natural gas line, or propane, or off fuel cans as needed.

I've often thought a propane boat would be cool - although it would be slickest with some form of removable custom tank for the factory location, as I never trailer.

mark g 09-26-2013 05:52 PM

Not seen an impco dual fuel set up, the dual fuel set ups that I have seen seems to be by Prinz don't know if this is down to the fuel injected engines now or just different system.
I had an impco system on my old 190 with the ford 351 but just on LPG.
We have a guy in our club knows and carries out LPG installs car and boats if I see him I will ask.

88 190, as for the custom removable tank, over here in the uk some of the boats running on propane use a fork truck bottle instead of fixed tank, just swap gas bottles and get the bottles refilled, although seems a pita to be swapping bottles I guess it works for some.
More common these days for lake / club to have gas tank on site so easy filling.

munkymush 09-30-2013 02:11 PM

hi gaz check these out they have v8 duel fuel kits..

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