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kickboxerhc 08-18-2013 02:37 PM

Hull leak
I just bought a 2005 X30. I have water coming into the front of the boat-not a normal amount of water. I think there might be a crack in the hull. When I bought the boat it had a skin covering the entire boat. The only thing that looks suspicious is the front hook to tie the boat up is bent....wonder if someone hit the front of the boat hard enough to crack something.

Any thoughts??

Rockman 08-18-2013 03:35 PM

When you have the boat on the trailer in your driveway, get a garden hose without the nozzle on and try wetting the hull, one area at a time. Have someone else be inside the boat and watch for any water coming in. This may take a while but you should be able to track down and crack big enough to let water in.

Did you check the water intake and any hoses you have running into the boat for ballasts, etc. Something may just need to be tightened up or sealed with water proff adhesive. :confused:

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