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San Bernard Rider 07-24-2013 01:24 AM

2002 X30 Throttle cable/linkage issues
Hey guys, have a service question for you on my 2002 X30 with Indmar LTR and wakeboard/digital pro perfect pass. The perfect pass started acting up and would lose speed and then require full throttle but would then loose tension on throttle once skier dropped. Could turn engine off and on again and everything would reset. Did some work on it this weekend and pulled the little throttle linkage plate to get to the return spring as we thought that or the PP servo motor could be the problem. Anyway, by playing with the spring and linkage and also doing a linkage test on PP servo motor, we were able to get everything working again and perfect pass works correctly again too. However, something we did caused the throttle to be non responsive when we move throttle lever to what used to be normal idle position. We can still fill the stop point for idle position, but you have to move it just BARELY past the idle stop position to get any motion or prop engagement. Not a huge deal, other than once it engages, it idles faster now than it used to and just feels a little weird not having any response in normal idle stop position. Also seems to jolt a very slight bit once it actually does kick in...I'm guessing because maybe a bit higher RPM's once the propeller actually engages.

Anyway, question is what do I need to look at or check to get it back to idling at normal throttle lever position and normal idle speed?

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