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ac505 07-06-2013 03:13 PM

Mastercraft Cruise, any good?
Looking at a very low hrs 2005 Mastercraft 205 VRS (same hull as X2 of that era, just without tower or ballast). The only other difference I can see between this and the equivalent X2 is that the X2 had Perfect Pass, and the 205VRS had "Mastercraft Cruise". I am contemplating buying the boat, adding ballast and a tower to turn it into an X2, the price of the boat warrants the spend on these items. The only deal breaker is the Mastercraft Cruise, if it is not any good, then I would have to factor in the cost of adding Perfect Pass, doing so, makes the whole deal less appealing. So wondering if anybody has any experience with this Cruise control system? Also heard that this year boat would require an ECU reflash if changing from MC Cruise to PP - no dealers anywhere near me so that would definitely be a deal breaker.

snork 07-06-2013 04:26 PM

If MC cruise doesn't fit the bill PP stargazer is plug and play for the 05 X2

pmikler 07-06-2013 05:28 PM

Old boat had Perfect pass. New boat has mastercraft cruise. The only difference I see is the time it takes mastercraft cruise to find the speed your looking for. Both at start up and after turning. If I lived on a small lake it would drive me nuts. I live on a large lake so it doesn't bother me $1000 worth. I have read on here that it stinks for low speed. Ie surfing

kalamalka 07-06-2013 11:59 PM

My mc cruise works well for surfing, but in rpm mode not speed. I have that same hull you are looking at

vogelm1 07-07-2013 10:48 AM

We thought about upgrading our '05 197 right after purchase, but decided to give the MasterCraft cruise a chance first. I works fine for family skiing. For short lakes or set-ups it does take a few more seconds for the speed to settle in - it will overshoot a few mph then, gradually settle to correct speed and hold. I've driven a friends boat with PP and agree that it does lock a bit quicker, but other than that I think you'd find the MasterCraft cruise to be fine. "Cruise" sort of makes the speed control sound less technical, but it does have speed and rpm modes and works pretty darn close to PP, just no programming names/skiers in, etc.

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