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XavierSPL 05-18-2013 12:49 PM

88 Prostar Revival!
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Hi All,

I'll use this first post to introduce myself as well as give a back story on my new boat (and yes, I'll of course provide the obligatory pics 8p)

As for myself, long time tinkerer with all things motorized, I'm fairly mechanically inclined and rarely hit a wall that I can't figure out with projects like this (albeit often with the help of forum members on sites like this :rolleyes:) My biggest disadvantage is that I don't have heavy duty tools or ideal work space, never stopped me, but has often slowed me down.. While I'm good with things like cars and motorcycles I never owned a boat until last year so haven't had a lot of experience working on them.. I've never done internal engine work on anything but a motorcycle beyond carb rebuilds either, so while I'm fairly good - when it comes to anything that's proprietary to boats, I'll likely need help.. Last spring I managed to figure out how to pull an outdrive, do water pump impeller, bellows, shift cable, starter etc.. And while we had fun last year with the Searay I/O, last week I discovered a crack in the block due to not properly winterizing. (tried but the new starter failed and prevented me from being able to suck up enough antifreeze into the engine.)
So last week I found my new boat - an 88 Prostar 190. Old school Prostars and Nautiques have always been my fav boats - today all newer boats look the same, there's something about the character these older boats had that I always preferred but the Prostars with the jetfighter windshields have always been my fav.. I found this gem on craigslist for a steal due to the fact that the previous owner believes the block is cracked somewhere due to not winterizing. It has 450 hours and lived it's life in a garage - so while it does need some vinyl work on the top sections, it is remarkably solid otherwise. The engine is very clean and appears to have been well maintained. I cannot find any trace of an external crack on the block but there is water in the oil and there are 2 freeze plugs that are missing. I do see faint traces of rust stains at the heads. I figure, best case - maybe there's a small chance there's a blown headgasket - otherwise I'm assuming an engine swap is in order.
I'll add some pictures of the engine later today, I noticed yesterday there's a 1:5 velvet drive tranny!!
So as of now, the plan is this:
Attempted to repair the crack on my SeaRay (tons and tons of prep and JB Weld) - whether or not it works, I'll be selling it to fund the repairs on the Mastercraft. I'll know by tomorrow afternoon if the repair will hold. I'll tear the heads off the new boat and take a peek prior to considering it scrapped. If replacing, I've been looking at Marine long block 351Ws on Ebay for around $1500. Is the rotation standard on these boats?
Lastly, best I can deduct, I think this boat has been out of the water for up to 5 years - is there anything I should consider a must to replace? I'm hoping to reuse as many of external engine components as possible. Any tips advice etc anyone can offer is appreciated. I'll add interior engine pics later.

Lumbergh 05-18-2013 01:30 PM

Looks like good times. Welcome.

Now the fun part begins, spending money to "make it yours". This can be expensive retail therapy.

Look at the bright side, you found the #1 site on the internet for Mastercraft junkies and enablers.

Keep the hive updated.

zsqure 05-18-2013 01:35 PM

Welcome to TT and great first boat. I just sold an '88 PS190 this spring. Throw an electronic ignition in that old girl so you won't have to mess with points and such. Lots of information here and plenty of people willing to help.

catamount 05-18-2013 01:41 PM

Nice! Where are you I'm NH? I'm up in VT with an 89 PS 190 myself. You'll love the boat. Is it a NH boat originally?

XavierSPL 05-18-2013 07:28 PM

Thx for the words of encouragement and words of welcome!! If anyone has a recommendation for an electronic ignition I'll grab one (as well as any other must haves).. Catamount, the boat's in Weare on a private lake, I believe it is originally from NH, up in the lakes region.

Flatwaterfooter 05-18-2013 10:21 PM

Had an 88 same colors in the lakes region, but traded in in mass. Is that the original trailer? Mine was white.

gweaver 05-18-2013 11:26 PM

Nice boat!! I've got the 88 version of that boat- same color, same trans. Fun boat, and for a first boat, I've found it very easy to work on. I don't know a whole lot- sounds like my level of expertise is about where yours is, but I'm happy to help in any way I can.

mayo93prostar 05-18-2013 11:50 PM for discount inboard marine is a good source for parts and they are a small company with nice people that will answer the phone and provide support in getting the right part. Jim at BAWS on this site is a good dealer to get stuff from also and especially decals if needed.I recommend to check/replace things that dry out like impeller, gaskets, shaft packing, etc. be sure to lube things up including steering cable and rudder. Change fluids obviously.

Lumbergh 05-19-2013 11:14 AM

Amazon has the best prices I found on the electronic ignition conversion.

nkorep2 05-19-2013 09:54 PM

Im working on getting my year long project one the water. Hopefully a test run at the end of the week. Changing the impeller is a must. Check all the hoses. Shaft packing. Grease rudder. Def get rid of the points, I installed a conversion kit last week and the boat fired up with the first key turn and idled at 600-700 rpm. Your carb may be in need of a rebuild, but if youre getting a new motor, you may just want to get a new carb. I rebuilt mine, nothing to it really, just be patient.

The obvious things to do are changed fluids in motor and tranny.

Good luck!

Here's my restoration thread.

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