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LittleFuss 04-19-2013 03:49 PM

Perfect Pass Calibration
Looked around but could not find the information I was looking for...

I am new to PP on our 230 VRS. Took the boat out last weekend and had 4K on the tachometer, I figured speed would be around 40 mph..when I looked at the PP it was reading 32 mph.

Version is Wakeboard Pro 6.5 mechanical and the boat is a 2004...

What sould I change. The owner's manual is kind of vague. there is an up/down switch on the dash that says calibration. I am not sure if that is redundant or is there a seperate procedure for the PP unit. My PP is mechanical and I have looked but never found a paddlewheel. of course being a noob to PP I have no idea where it should be or what it should look like...

I have access to a handheld GPS should I take it out with me on my next trip out Sunday???

Some give me a mechanical PP crash course for idiots...

jafo9 04-19-2013 05:29 PM

your hull wasn't built for speed. i'd take the GPS before i started trying to adjust the PP. i have the high altitude prop and the LTR but the same hull. i can't recall off hand, but i don't think i'd be at 40 at 4K rpm. if you want to check your paddle wheel, it should be under the hull not at the transom like i/o's. regardless, take your gps or even your iphone and check. i'll bet that it's closer than you think to accurate. i carried my gps for a while on my 02 X30, but my PP was pretty close so i just came to rely on it. my other boat has a pitot type on the lower unit of the OB. its pretty much worthless so i have to carry the gps. good luck.

Skipper 04-19-2013 05:36 PM

Two ways to get the right speed out of your PP. First is to run it through the slalom course that has magnets and run calibration. The second is to use your GPS to manually calibrate. Sounds like option two would work best for you.

SkiMor 04-19-2013 07:41 PM

The PP Website ( click "support") has lots of resources - Manuals, videos or call them with questions and talk to a tech.

swatguy 04-19-2013 09:27 PM

Set your pp at a wakeboard speed you use. Turn it on and then start driving. Take your gps with you and get your speed via that. There is an adjustment on the pp module that will increase or decrease the actual speed til the speed matches the gps. It needs to be adjusted in the "calibration" mode You again will want to use the speed you wakeboard at most for the calibration. If you don' wakeboard that often still pick a speed under 28mph but above 18mph.

I don't recall the exact button operation on how to get to the calibration screen, but it can only be accessed if i recall correctly while the pp is you will have to check the pp website. It is very simple and straight forward.

The speed adjustments on your dashboard are for your factory MC speedos. They do nothing for the pp. All the calibration is done through the PP module and the buttons on its screen.

LittleFuss 04-19-2013 10:46 PM

thanks for the help I will use the GPS to check it before I make any adjustments I have the manual and am reading up how to access the calibration mode. It does have to be engaged

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