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boogie420 04-14-2013 10:44 AM

04 x2 prop
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i bought this prop for a spare and to possibly use if it is a prop that would help me. i have an 04 x2 and seen ad on craigslist for oj 14.5 x 14.25 for 200 so i took a chance on it. anyone know if this fits my boat and if so the advantages/disadvantages of it verses the stock prop? the guy i purchased it from had a x5 so it might not fit but i feel the price was right to get out of it if it doesn't.

JRW160 04-14-2013 01:21 PM

That's the prop I am running. It is great if you want to load up with ballast. The differences will depend on what stock prop you have. My 2003 X2 had a 14x20 on it. It took over 30s to plane out with the ballast loaded. Top speed will be decreased with the 14.5x14.25, but it will pull much harder out of the hole.

boogie420 04-14-2013 05:18 PM


wheelerd 04-14-2013 10:36 PM

As you can see from my sig, I have this prop (well, Acme, but same basic specs the OJ) on my 05 X2. Awesome pulling power/holeshot. At slalom speeds though (30+) I wind over 5000 rpm. But hey, it's a small block Chevy.:)

Grant777 04-16-2013 04:57 AM

That's what I put on my '08 X-2 this year. Pulls like a beast. Even with 2600lbs of ballast and six on boat it takes only about 10secs to get on the plane. Very happy with it. Top speed down a few mph to around 40.

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