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BradleyV 03-01-2013 12:29 PM

Adding screw inserts to slalom ski
Fellow slalom skiers,
I recently purchased a Connelly HP. Found a great deal on it without bindings. I have a Concept right now that I am about to sell, but I am keeping my sidewinder bindings for the new ski. Just decided to purchase a larger, more forgiving ski since I am only a recreational skier.

When the ski was delivered, it had very small holes where the screw inserts normally would be. But, not large enough for the actual screw inserts. I assume now it was cheaper because the ski was "unfinished."

I received my screw inserts and I'm ready to tackle this little project. I want an opinion from you regarding installing screw inserts. I will have to drill each hole a little bigger to make the screw insert fit. Is it as simple as that? Any tips or further information I should know?

Lastly, are you still using epoxy on the inside? Or, is that not necessary?

Your feedback is appreciated.

88 PS190 03-05-2013 10:43 PM

The ski probably just had bindings put on with #10 stainless sheet metal screws.

If you need inserts, then you do probably want to epoxy them in, the epoxy is on the outside of the insert. The appropriate hole size is specific on the insert.

The best process is to put masking tape on the top deck of the ski so it drills clean, and avoids epoxy mess. You want to drill your hole only as deep as needed, and nice and square to the ski's top deck.

Then take a bolt that fits the insert (8-32 probably) put two nuts on the threads of the screw, a little vasoline, and thread the insert on, then once the bolt is about to protrude through the insert, run the nuts down and torque them against the insert. Mix up your epoxy and put a bit in the hole, then thread the insert in using the bolt as your tool.

Let the epoxy harden, then back the nuts off using a small wrench while holding the bolt still, then remove the bolt.

Epoxy mostly functions to seal and prevent the inserts backing out of the ski.

Once they are all done peel the masking tape off.

But you can usually just use screws and avoid the inserts.

BradleyV 03-06-2013 11:47 AM

Thank you very much!

TxsRiverRat 03-06-2013 12:17 PM

Not to start a huge debate on here, even though I bet it will...

Why the downgrade in skis? I figure the concept would be easier to ski on...?


mikeg205 03-06-2013 03:00 PM

Isn't HP more of an open water ski than the concept...and a tad wider than the Concept? but good question rat.

TxsRiverRat 03-06-2013 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by mikeg205 (Post 913226)
Isn't HP more of an open water ski than the concept...and a tad wider than the Concept? but good question rat.

Right... My point is, that the HP would most definitely be easier to get up on, but I'd be willing to bet far more difficult to push through the water with the wider body...?

BradleyV 03-17-2013 11:14 PM

Great question TxRiverRat and you nailed it in your comparison.

The honest truth is the difficulty I had had getting up on the Concept. I bought it after coming across a good deal. I am 6'3", 215 lbs. I was concerned with the size when I bought it as I knew getting up on a 67" was going to be tough. It was one of those situations where you roll the dice and hope it works out.

I could get up, but it was a fight. Toward the end of the day when I was fatigued, it was almost impossible.

Like I stated in my original post, I am not a professional and I don't ski a course. I'm a recreation slalom skier/open water skier who just enjoys a fun ride. While I know I am losing a little going from the Concept to the HP, the added length and width should make it a little easier to get up on.


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