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jafo9 01-13-2013 04:44 PM

REV8 vs REV10 for OEM 02 tower?
I greatly appreciate all the input in my other thread about revamping my 02 X30 tower speakers. I focused in on the REV10s as they seemed perfect for a single pair of speakers. However, I just realized they may be too big to work with my OEM tower and OEM bimini.

On my current setup, I've got a pair of 6 1/2 speaker cans which aren't tapered in the front and the mount is toward the speaker itself. The bimini barely clears the leading inferior edge of the front of the cans. On another thread, someone described the REV10s as "basketball" size and it hit me that the REV10s may be too big. The hang height of the REV8 is 9 1/16" and the hang height of the REV10 is 11 9/16". The hang height of the current cans is 9". The mount on the REV series does seem to be more toward the leading tapered edge of the can so it will give a bit more clearance.

So my question: Does anyone know if a REV10 will work with the stock bimini? If not, will a REV8 let the bimini swing up and down. FWIW, my binimi is the old kind that attaches to the windshield frame. I lay it down into the cabin to put on the cover and I strap it infront of the current speakers when underway.

Thanks for all your help.

JRW160 01-13-2013 05:37 PM

I have rev10s with the stock bimini. Mine are mounted on the most forward tube on the tower, and they do get in the way when swinging the bimini up and down. Instead of just being able to open the bimini by pulling it forward, I have to unclip the middle windshield mounts on the bimini, then swing the bimini back and open it, then attach the middle and front clips to the windshield mounts. I also had to modifiy the bimini so it sits back a little more when in the folded up position.

I had pro80s on the rear most tower tube, and I was able to open and close the bimini without any trouble. I think if my rev10s were on the back tube, the bimini might clear them.

XtwentyNot 01-13-2013 05:45 PM

Is $1200 shipped the best price one will find on a pair of new rev 10's? Currently shopping myself...

JRW160 01-13-2013 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by XtwentyNot (Post 901509)
Is $1200 shipped the best price one will find on a pair of new rev 10's? Currently shopping myself...

No, see if you can find a local dealer and give them a call. I got mine quite a bit cheaper than that.

XtwentyNot 01-13-2013 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by JRW160 (Post 901510)
No, see if you can find a local dealer and give them a call. I got mine quite a bit cheaper than that.

Bummer, I don't have any dealers so I will need to get them shipped. Thanks for the info I will definitely expand my search.

Tristarboarder 01-13-2013 09:02 PM

EBay......I found a brand new, sealed in-the-box Rev 8's for $770.00. Stole 'em! You just have to watch under Wetsounds and negotiate a deal

agarabaghi 01-14-2013 08:21 AM

Then I wont mention what I just paid for my Rev8s ... but if you stole em, then someone basically paid me =)...

You will be very happy with the Rev8s... I am powering mine on an Audiopipe APMR 1504, and very please right now with how they sound and how the amp (especially for it's price) is powering them. Im sure its no SYN4, or JL750/1 but it does a fine job for a fraction of the cost.

XtwentyNot 01-14-2013 12:47 PM

Do they still have a warranty on eBay?
I would definitely entertain demo's for the right price.
I was really wanting new ones just not for $1200 :)

JRW160 01-14-2013 05:33 PM

Wet sounds won't warranty them unless you get the from an authorized retailer. You may get lucky. I have dealt with them for warranty stuff, and I can't remember ever having to produce a receipt. Here's their official stance in the 4th post down.

Tristarboarder 01-14-2013 06:27 PM

That was really a pretty interesting thread from wakeworld. Wish I would have read that before I bought my Rev 8's. I got mine on eBay and just figured it was a shop that had overstock or perhaps was liquidating the inventory because of a business closure or something along those lines. I realize that there wasn't a warranty with the speakers, but I figured I would roll the dice and hope for a reliable product. I respect the Wetsounds company and would never support back door illegitimate sales. Like I said, wish I would have read that thread awhile back.

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