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Tyler V 11-19-2012 09:35 PM

2000 Prostar 205 info needed!!!
I have been waiting for a week to get my account activiated for this site, because I was told this was the place to get the information I need. I have been in the market for a boat since the end of summer. I found a 2000 Prostar 205 (425 hours) at the end of summer which was priced at 19K at the time. I emailed the dealership about the boat then, but they weren't willing to work. I got an email about 2 weeks ago from the dealership indicating they still had the boat and were looking to move it. They have now dropped the price to 16995 and said "we are willing to make a deal".

The boat is a 2000 Prostar 205 with a 310HP Predator motor (425 hours) Direct Drive. Everthing appears to be well taken care of except a good bit of the interior needs to be replaced. Its not totally gone, but is an eye sore to me. It is said to be a one owner boat which was traded in this past summer towards a newer Nautique. It is also said to run like a new boat, however I have not confirmed this due to the dealership requiring serious offers before they will go through the trouble of splashing it to keep down the people who are just window shoppers (i can understand that). The gel is in great shape and the only exterior issues is slight board chatter on the rear of the boat near teak platform from people getting in and out of water with boards on. I put in an offer for 15K due to the amount of visual repairs I see that need to be done. They have come back with a counter offer of 15700 and say thats what they have in the boat (but I find hard to believe they gave the guy 15700 as a trade in at a dealership). I countered at 15300 and really not willing to move.

My major questions are about the engine. I know nothing about the Predator motor and any feedback on its reliability, service history, problems, etc...would be appreciated. Also I have heard that year was kind of bad for the interior Mastercraft used in their boats and it isn't uncommon for the condition to be kind of poor. Do you think this is a good deal?.... or should I keep looking? Any information is greatly appreciated. Have also got a quote to redo vinyl at $1100 (sound about right?).....please educate me!


wheelerd 11-19-2012 11:58 PM

Welcome to TT. You've come to the right place.

The 205 hull is one of MC's best and most popular designs. It first appeared in 1991 with the second gen design created in 1996 and lasting until just recently as the 205, 205V, original Xstar, X2 and finally X1. It's one of the best crossover hulls available -- skiing, boarding, surfing are all possible, depending on ballast. (See my sig -- I'm biased obviously!)

The Predator is Indmar's marinized version of 5.7 liter GM Vortec engine. It's a reliable and proven powerplant and should be no problem if it's been maintained. 425 hours is good for that year.

A price in the $15k range is reasonable for a boat that is in good overall condition although given what you've said about the vinyl I'm not sure. That might speak to how and where the boat was stored. Does all the upholstery need replacing, or just some pieces? Vinyl was an issue for the first few years in the 2000's so that's not surprising. I think in about 2004 things got straightened out when MC switched suppliers and/or manufacturers. $1100 quote -- was that for ALL the vinyl? If so, that's a steal. Be sure to check on their quality and reputation.

The price depends too on what else the dealer might throw in -- either gear, or some ongoing maintenance, etc. If he knows you will be coming back to his establishment as the dealer of choice as part of a long-term relationship that also helps.

A lake test is a must and have someone check out the boat with you who knows inboards.

Some pics would really be helpful.:woohoo: You will hear that theme alot here.

BriEOD 11-20-2012 07:12 AM

Welcome to TT.

I have a 2000 PS 205, so I'm basing my response on first-hand experience.

First, the 205 is a great and storied boat. You may or may not know, but 2000 is the last year the 205 was made as a direct drive. In 2001, the 205 was only available in a v-drive. The 2000 205 is an excellent all-around boat. I do a variety of things with ours to include slalom, barefoot, surf, and wakeboard. It is very versatile.

Assuming there are no major mechanical problems and the boat comes with a working trailer, I think that is an excellent price. The one major knock on the 2000-era MCs is the interior. The vinyl is garbage and I've had to replace most of mine. Too, it is almost a 13 year old boat and you can expect some imperfections.

The motor the boat is equipped with is reliable and has a good reputation. It is 308 HP and that will get you somewhere in the 47-49 mph range for top-end speed. There aren't any unusual maintenance issues or concerns with this motor.

In summary, I don't know what you plan to use the boat for and/or your budget. Therefore, it is hard for me to say that this is the boat for you. As I said above, this was the last year for a DD 205. The boat is very versatile and has very few issues, aside from the vinyl. Assuming the boat is in pretty good shape, I think that is a good price. Things that could move the price up or down are options like a tower, Perfect Pass, etc.

Good luck.

JohnE 11-20-2012 08:02 AM

You might want to check out this boat. I traded a bunch of emails with the owner. He is the second owner and his uncle was the original owner. I thought about buying it, but decided to wait on my decision for a few months.

BriEOD 11-20-2012 09:07 AM

My old ski buddy in Florida had that exact model and color. It, too, is a nice boat.

Ski-me 11-20-2012 09:15 AM

I think the price is pretty decent and if they quoted $1100 for the entire interior, I'd just have them do it as part of the deal. If they quoted that than let them put their money where their mouth is.....:D

My friend has a 2000 205 and my 94' interior is better! His is falling apart so it's definitely an issue. It is a very nice boat otherwise.

The 99' John referenced looks nice but there are some interior design changes from 99 to 2000. Some don't mind, others might. So look at the two closely. I prefer the 2000.....:)

Tyler V 11-20-2012 09:38 AM

Thanks guys for the information, it was true, this is the place to go for information. The boat is a one owner and the dealership has said the owner kept in the boat in "meticulous" mechanical shape. It was a surgeon who owned it before so he should of had the money to do so. It was kept on a lift at his boat house out of the water (the hull proves that..great shape). The gel coat appears to be in great shape for the age except for some minor board chatter on the rear from people getting in and out of the water with boards. There is also some very slight oxidation on the rear which is said to be where the rearend of the boat was visible to the sun at the end of the day when the sun went down, however I think I can take care of that without any issues. The engine appears to be really clean. Not all of the interior is gone, but the rear seat and driver's seat needs to be replaced without a question. I don't believe that quote on interior was for all of the interior, but the dealership said that was "there price" and gave me the place who quoted (so i will contact to make sure). They have used the interior guy for major restorations of larger boats in the past, and highly recommended his work.

I could see someone owning the boat with the seats in the condition it is in, but I just can't live with it. The carpet is in good shape and the dash looks new still. All electronics work with no tower or perfect pass (not a necessity for me). It comes with a fly high pole and I plan to use the boat for general skiing, boarding, tubing, and really to take wife and friends out for a day to float around and listen to the radio. I have been looking and comparing for a long time and the price on this boat appears to be fair considering I've seen other boats this year comparable go for a lot more, but that was when the season was still in. I feel the dealership is just trying to move the boat cause I'm sure they aren't getting alot of motivated buyers this time of year, but I'm not going to drop the cash until I confirm the boat runs well (like they say).

Thanks again for all of your help......It will definitely play a part in if I purchase this boat or not. Try this link and see if it takes you to the boat....keep in mind the pics don't really show the condition of the rear seat very well


Ski-me 11-20-2012 09:47 AM

Love the colors! Very tasteful for sure. The back deck can be sanded/restored with a little elbow grease and you can get it looking brand new.

Other than the interior stitching, it looks very nice from the pics.

wheelerd 11-20-2012 10:08 AM

Looks like a nice unit to me. The upholstery cracks look exactly like all the others from that vintage. Get those skins replaced and it appears as though you might have a like-new boat.

JohnE 11-20-2012 10:42 AM

If you like the boat and the price, I agree with Ski-me. Make a deal and include that the dealer gets interior replaced. And that you do not take delivery unless/ until the quality of the new interior install meets your approval. T

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