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lbgeary 08-14-2012 02:58 PM

Flywheel tooth broken in 351 Ford

When I couldn't get my 1993 Mastercraft Prostar to start, I removed the starter. There I discovered that one of the teeth had broken off the flywheel where the starter meshes with it. The starter checks out fine. My question is as follows: Is there a way to advance the flywheel before reattaching the starter? I'm hoping to figure out a way around this problem without replacing the flywheel. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks for the help.

thatsmrmastercraft 08-14-2012 03:12 PM

Depends upon where your raw water pump is located. If it's not mounted to the crankshaft pulley, you can put a socket wrench on there to turn the engine. Otherwise you may be able to use the belt to rotate the engine.....carefully. No key in the ignition.

LeRoi 87 PS 08-14-2012 03:21 PM

I had a similar issue that I had to inspect my fly wheel. Spoke with indmar tech support and they suggested that remove the spark plugs, remove raw water pump and use wrench to turn the shaft as mrmastercraft suggested. I did this on my Ford 351. Worked well. My wife was able to turn wrench while I inspected the fly wheel. A lot more teeth were broken off than I first thought. A project for next winter. Indmars number is 901-353-9930.

lbgeary 08-14-2012 07:54 PM

Thanks. Tried to use the belt to turn the shaft but no luck. Raw water pump prevents me easily putting a wrench on. Will now try removing the spark plugs to see if that makes it easier to turn the shaft.

Spork 08-14-2012 10:12 PM

I'm confused, Are you looking for a way to rotate the engine to get to good teeth on flywheel showing so you can start and use the boat, it seems to me it would get very old very fast if I had to remove spark plugs and jerry rig the engine to start between riders. If this is what your trying to do then you need to get so you can turn the balancer over between starts, personally I would just replace the flywheel you can have that transmission out in about 30-45 minutes...

dmminfla 08-15-2012 07:43 AM

You only need to replace the ring gear. It needs to be removed and heated to expand it and replaced. I did mine a fer years ago. Its a 3 hour job. Also inspect the damper plate while it is apart if is original it wont hurt to change it. The gear is a 157 tooth for the 12 inch flywheel

Cost $25.00 for ring gear and $30.00 for the local machine shop to remove and replace.

LeRoi 87 PS 08-15-2012 01:54 PM

That's great to know as I am in need of a new gear. Napa is a bit cheaper than skidim.

thatsmrmastercraft 08-15-2012 01:56 PM

SKIDIM is a great resource for marine specific parts, however there are a number of automotive parts on our boats that can be had locally at a better price.

lbgeary 08-26-2012 04:11 PM

Can you explain that a little more. How does this tool turn the balancer (not sure what this is) between starts?

lbgeary 08-26-2012 04:17 PM

By the way. Thanks for the help everyone. Out skiing again after removing the raw water pump and the spark plugs. Don't want to do that again though (quite a bit of work). The next time the starter lands on the broken tooth, I guess I'll be pulling the boat out of the water and changing the ring gear. Unless anyone knows of an easier way to turn the flywheel.
Thanks again.

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