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maristardd 07-19-2012 11:08 PM

Trade: Fly High for Prop? (SF, CA)
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This came with my just acquired 94 Maristar, literally was sitting in a barn/shed for last 10 (?) years.

Stainless Fly High extended pylon 2.5" (I believe), with quad board rack, pylon height ski tow, and camera/tracking system. Missing the bow strap that cable clips to. There is also some linkage for camera tracking mount I have that isn't in picture, I don't know if it is complete. Dusty/dirty, but seems to have been stored dry out of the weather. My guess is that original owner in 94 bought this with boat (bimini has square velcro hatch for the pole), then owner before me let it sit?

I'd like to trade with someone in San Francisco/Bay Area for something I could use (94 Maristar 225 direct drive/1:1), and something you no longer need ,like a spare prop (original OJ legend 3 blade 13x13 1") or a contour pylon boom to get the kids skiing someday? Or we can figure something out if you have a Acme 541 or OJ 342 XMP prop you'd like to trade? or ?? (boat parts, equipment or toys)

PM me with what you'd like to trade.

maristardd 07-19-2012 11:31 PM

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... here is the linkage ( I think ) that is for the tracking camera mount.

mzimme 07-20-2012 09:57 AM

I'd be interested in trading you some cash for the board rack portion of that! PM me and let me know if you're up for that.... been looking for one for a while now.

maristardd 07-20-2012 01:46 PM

Sure on the rack, will PM you.

maristardd 07-20-2012 01:59 PM

Rack is spoken for ...

... since I can't vouch for pole not having used it (unsure if anything else missing other than bow strap), I'm hesitant to sell it/ship it. Anyone SF/Bay area need/want it for their Mastercraft set up, you're welcome to it for free, just PM and come get it.

maristardd 10-23-2012 10:47 AM

Everything is taken ... thanks!

Spork 10-23-2012 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by maristardd (Post 886299)
Everything is taken ... thanks!

do you still need a spare prop?

maristardd 10-23-2012 11:10 AM

I went ahead and got the OJ310 XMP 13 X 11.5 1" which thus far seems awesome for all around use (either two families/8 or 9 people, or 3 people plus 1200 lbs ballast) -- so I have the original OJ Legend as a spare. But If you have something extra that might be better than the XMP if I go 'crazy' on ballast (say 450+450+300 sacs + 400 lead pop bag -- 1600 is 'crazy' for me ;-) -- PM me with what you'd like to sell. .... (and yes, I realize for a '94 maristar 225 this isn't really crazy as some of you are probably another 1000 pounds past this on a smaller boat...)

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