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O_D_Y_S_S_E_Y 05-30-2012 12:53 PM

96 Maristar LT-1 "restart problems"
Hey guys hope all is well. I have started having an issue with restarts the last couple of weeks and need some help/ideas.

So the boat fires up off the trailer and runs great with no problems at all. When we shut it off and restart within a couple of minutes or so it also fires up and runs with no problems. If I shut it off and we set for 30 minutes or so when we go to restart it will turn over fine but will not fire and if it does it is sputtering and running very rough for a few seconds before it dies as if it not getting the right mix of fuel/air. To resolve it the only way I have found is to open the hatch for about 30 or so minutes and then when I go to start it, it fires up and runs fine. Just wanted to see what people thought before I go to making changes because it runs great just doesnít want to start after it gets heated up in the engine compartment. I didnít know if the is some sensor or something that may be going out that could be an easy fix. Thanks for any info..

tideengineer 05-30-2012 01:47 PM

I posted this on someone else's topic...

"I have a 96 Prostar LT1. If you were in the deep south like me where it gets hot as Hades outside, I would say maybe vapor lock. If we run our boat hard for a while then let it sit baking in the sun with the motor box down, it will spit and sputter and die upon restart. I've had to put a rag over the fuel filter connection before the feul rail, unscrew it and a bunch of feul vapor will come out under pressure. I did this with the blower on and plenty of ventilation....and noone smokes around me. I let it sit for 5 minutes ventilating, then it runs like a champ.

I've learned to use my boat paddle and prop the box open for ventilation while we are off eating or whatever.

I doubt in the northeast that is your problem...and I'm no mechanic, just an engineer who likes to try to be. In the deep south of gets pretty warm :-)"

This was in response to a guy up north. Not sure how warm it got. If I leave my boat in the sun for an extended period I prop open (about 8-12") the motor box.

tideengineer 05-30-2012 01:58 PM

Below is the this case it wasn't vapor lock, maybe it will help. I learned my lesson about the heat once, my brother used boat another time and it did it again, since then I have not had a problem.

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