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Sodar 02-15-2012 02:03 PM

Username Changes & Guest Accounts
I am getting several requests a day about name changes and Guest accounts. I used to email each individual user to say that the name had been changed or the guest account had been reset, but I am over it. Too much work... not enough play. 8p

User Name Changes

I will list the name changes below. If you see your name here, your name has been changed. Use your same password to log in with the new name that you requested.

mayo87prostar is now mayo93prostar
Unstoppable.. is now Unstoppable
Brooksfam-X2 is now BrooksfamX2
Americanskierjim is now Mastercraftjim

Guest Accounts

I will list guest account users who's accounts I have deleted below. Please re-register using THIS LINK. You can use the same name, same email, etc., but use THIS LINK. The problem is that users are not using THIS LINK and the site registers you as a Guest. Post count and longevity on the board all do not matter... you have to use THIS LINK to register. Once again, the correct link to register is:

I am sorry for the hassle of having to re-register, but I just cannot seem to get the status removed without deleting the whole account and re-entering all your information. Hopefully I can figure something out, but for now this is the way it's got to be.


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