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JoPro190 09-10-2011 11:30 AM

1999 Prostar 190 standard engine
Yesterday I looked at a 1999 Prostar 190 and am considering buying it. However, this Prostar had a Indmar MX Plus 5.7L in it (308 or 310 hp). The 1999 MC brochure shows that the Indmar MX Max 5.7L 330hp was the standard engine for all '99 Prostars, not the MX Plus, and the Corvette and Northstar engines as options. The MX plus was not an even an option for '99 Prostars. The MX plus 5.7l 310hp was standard on the '99 Sport Skier only.
The seller has had the boat for 4 years and does not know why the boat has this engine and to his knowledge the engine had not been replaced.
Anyone have or had a 1999 Prostar and know anything about this issue? Is the '99 brochure wrong, etc. ?

erkoehler 09-10-2011 12:16 PM

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I have this boat for sale, it is my personal boat:

Here is a picture of the engine which came as the factory installed engine.

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