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keithasims 08-29-2010 07:59 AM

Prostar 209 rides too high, too large of ski wake...
I just purchased a used 2001 Prostar 209. It runs great, but it seems to ride too high out of the water. It does great for wakeboarding, but make too large of wake for skiing. When riding, it does great up to about 36 mph, but then starts porpoising uncontrollably. Since this is a direct drive boat as opposed to the v-drive, I expected it to ride much lower in the water and produce a MUCH smaller wake at skiing speeds. Any suggestions? Thanks,
A New Used Mastercraft Owner

jkski 08-29-2010 09:59 AM

For some reason, some of the early 209's did not have the "hook" added to them and the boat would porpose as you stated. A good friend had this issue and you could get the boat to settle down simply by shifting some weight to the front of the boat(bow)....we diagnosed it by getting the boat to the point of porpose and walking 3 guys from the back of the boat to the bow and it calmed down. Long story short, check with your local dealer and talke to them about adding the "hook" (a small downturn in the fiberglass that is added to the rear of the hull, creating upward lift of the rear of the boat), and you should see your problem resolved. Also, by doing this, the ski wake will improve but keep in mind the the wake of any boat can be poor at slower speeds and if you are not on edge when cutting thru it (pending line length of course.)
Hope this helps and congrats on the new boat, you will love it once you get the issue resolved.

Age Fighter 08-29-2010 11:29 AM

The hook was added effective model year 2003. Makes a difference from all that i've heard.

Not that hard to a good glass guy to add a hook.

FoggyNogginz 08-29-2010 04:44 PM

Even with the hook, this boat porpoises more than other MCs that I have owned. Filling the front ballast or putting someone in the front does seem to help. Trying out a prop with slightly less rake has helped me as well. Give ACME or OJ a call and they can hook you up with one to try.

Nvrgvup 08-29-2010 05:02 PM

Any chance of going to a finned or hydrofoil rudder? I think some ProStars in the late 90's had this type of rudder prior to the hooked hull.

east tx skier 08-29-2010 07:10 PM

The hook is a better option. I was talking to a guy the other day who told me that he believed those foiled rudders made for some hard steering versus a standard rudder.

CruisinGA 08-29-2010 08:43 PM

I just add weight to the front...

'02 X9.

east tx skier 08-29-2010 09:40 PM

This is a pretty inexpensive solution. Try 50 lbs in the nose tied to the underside of the bow lifting ring for starters. I tried this recently and wasn't terribly pleased with it. But I know some people who swear it softens the wake out and helps with tracking.

Worst case scenario, you remove it or add more weight.

NSXBill 08-30-2010 08:05 AM

As someone said, the hook was added to the PS209/X-9 starting in the 2003 model year. Some owners (me included) got the hull hooked on their earlier models (mine a 2001). My complaint was porposing at speeds generally faster than 35mph and a less than ideal wake for slalom at recreational speeds (28-32). The hook cured the porposing and helped the wake quite a lot. The hook is a small tapered "ramp" along the bottom at the very rear of the hull. It is only between the left and right most-inboard chines. It drops down 1/4 inch at the back and tapers to nothing as you go 1 inch forward. What many may not realize is that all the early evo boats lacked the hook...190's and 197s. When the Pro Tour boats came out (in 2002?), they DID have the hull hook, but the civilian models did not. From what I understand, porposing was not an issue on the 190/197 but rather the hook made the slalom wake even better than it was without it. In 2003 all 190/197/209 boats had the hull hook incorporated into the hull molds.

keithasims 08-30-2010 08:37 AM

Thanks for all the help. Do you think trim tabs would help? Would they be easier to install than the fiberglass hook?

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