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tbone56 07-09-2010 04:26 PM

Max Ballast/Weight for 2006 x-15 and Gauges Off
I am new to wakeboarding and have recently purchased a 2006 x-15. I was wondering how much weight I could put in the boat?

It has the factory hard tanks in it, that I believe hold around 1000lbs.

Does the weight/persons listed in the boat mean I can put an additional 2100lbs(not sure of exact listing) in the boat on top of the 1000lbs ballast or does that include the stock ballast and I can only put in 1100 more lbs?

Also, the 3 ballast gauges only show 1/2 - 3/4 full when the tanks reach the overflow and start shooting water out the sides. When I empty the tanks and the water stops shooting out, they all read empty.

I have tried searching the forums and it seems that by replacing the impellers with the new "green" ones fixes it. Is this right?

Thrall 07-09-2010 07:24 PM

The guages are notoriously inaccurate. My boat does the same, except they read full when full and after emptying they come back up a ways and stay there. Different impellers will not fix the guages, but will help in filling/emptying and not siphoning water in. Don't stress about the guages.
I dunno about total capacity, I presume the capacity sticker is in addition to a fully wet boat (full fuel, factory tanks full), but I've never had a fish cop question me about capacity, nor do I ever run a "slammed" boat.
If you're new to wakeboarding you don't need to worry about additional ballast except for a good surf wake. These boats throw a good enough wake for anyone at an advanced intermediate level. ie: If you can throw a spin or invert you'll be able to do it on factory ballast.
If you're better than that, look into the fly high system for add'l ballast.
Good luck with the new tug. I really wanted a 15, but the 2 is all that will fit in my garage!

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