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Lantzvillian 07-06-2010 02:09 AM

2006 x2 wake
Hi all,

My family and I just got a 2006 x2 after we had to replace our 2006 x1 - long story. I recently had my knee re-constructed and got time this weekend to go our for my first ride since the operation in January.

In our x1 we would put a 400 in the walk through + a 600 horizontally across the floor in the passenger pit. & full tanks. The wake was primo and I would ride 70-75 feet of rope at around 23 Mph. The speed was GPS tested to be bang on.

In the x2 - we filled up the factory ballast first and found the wake to be wide - super wide. For example, I shortened my rope to 65 with handle and rode at 23.5 mph and the wake was comparable to 75-80 feet behind my x1!!!!! This was with a 400 in each locker, 600 in the passenger pit + stock ballast and another 500 or so in the front! This configuration had a wake that was too soft so we pumped the front secondary bladder.

After removing the front bladder, the wake was harder - more firm, and the heelside of the wake was a nice ramp. Consistent, but I had to ride at around 23.6 Mph. The wake was still wide as heck! I don't want my knee to be blown out again since I kept casing it. The boat was balanced (the rooster tail and the boat were not leaning) and I understand that because of the prop rotation one side will be steeper, but I don't expect it to punch through it and come up short.

The old boat I had no problem landing hs/ts 5s, raleys, krypts, rolls etc... but this wake appears to be just off. Weight shouldn't be able to affect the wake's width I would think - this is a hull trait?

Although, we had a rough time getting it configured to surf at first... we found the best configuration was port locker full + 400 and 600 on the left side of the passenger pit + 5 people on the same side. Wake is bigger and longer than the x1s.

Anyone manage to get the x2 to put out a decent wake? tips please!

c_craig 08-14-2010 12:13 PM

Wake Width
Same question, different boats. Is wake width unique to each hull, or is it strictly determined by speed? Obviously we adjust wake shape and height with ballast, speed, line length. My son has been riding on some "other" boats this summer and thinks our 2008 X-15 wake is much wider.

Rod Mastrud 08-12-2011 03:44 PM

I have an '07 x-2 and had previous MC X-2 and X-star (before the pickle fork) and I loved that wake. Yes it was a little narrower, but that is because of the width of the boat. the newer x-2's have a great surf wake and when you load up the boat, a great wakeboard wake. Its a little harder for better pop. I just settled for a little shorter line and a tad more boat speed. Its certainly a boat you can add lots of ballast and weight to create a monster wake.

kskonn 08-12-2011 04:01 PM

It is simply because of the width of the hull, MC's are a lot wider than the other boats on the market.

To be fair though the X1 was quite possibly one of the best wakeboarding Hulls ever, hard to go up from there.

agarabaghi 08-12-2011 04:17 PM

For the X2 the weight distribution needs to be a bit more in the front... 60/40 front rear... or 50/50...

This is my friends setup:
2006 X2
80ft 24mph
Stock ballast = 600lbs
450lbs bags in each locker
550lbs bag i the walkway
500lbs bag across that one in the nose
if he wants a really big wake he will put another 550 in the middle sitting area.

Jerseydave 08-12-2011 10:52 PM

I've heard the X2 has a wide wake, mostly because it's a really wide 20' boat. Your basically the same width as my X-star but your more than 2' shorter. I've ridden behind the same boat as yours and thought the wake wasn't much wider than mine. Maybe you need to ride 24 mph?

willyt 09-07-2011 10:51 AM

perhaps the speedo calibration is off on the 09 i ride behind... but i didnt notice any huge differences in wake width between my 2005 X2 at 80 ft at 22.6mph with 2700 lbs of ballast and a 09 X2 with 1800 lbs 20.4 mph at 70-75 ft.

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