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drolstad 04-19-2010 07:20 PM

trailer issues
I have a 2003 MC trailer and was having some issues while on road & when parking. When pulling down the road, the trailer sometimes feels like the pads are catching where you get this resistance that surges as you go. When i back up, particularily when parking or backing the trailer on an incline the brakes lock up completely. Heading to the boat ramp is not problem because of the launch decline into the water. Any thoughts?

Jerseydave 04-19-2010 08:40 PM

Welcome to Teamtalk! Are you in NYC?

Could be a few things:

-brake actuator not releasing (you should have a 5-wire plug @ the trailer connector so when you put your vehicle in reverse it releases the brakes)
-your brake calipers could be stuck or sticking. There were some problems with them in 2003 (I had an '03 trailer too, I changed all 4 calipers and pads)

If you can, pull the trailer a few miles then right away jack it up and try to spin each trailer wheel. If there is alot of drag, chances are your calipers are bad.

sk8salomon 04-20-2010 05:28 AM

you need to check voltage of your reverse lights coming thru the pigtail on your truck. when in reverse, you should have at least 10VDC or better going into the 3 blue wires on the trailer pigtail. one of the blue wires goes to the brake actuator like nj skier says, the other two go to each reverse light. when the actator gets the correct voltage signal, it will disengage your brakes so you can reverse without the brake pressure. get a voltage meter, a friend to help you keep the truck running and in reverse with brakes on (for safety reasons). i had a slight grounding problem on my truck and wasn't getting enough voltage to the actuator to fully disengage the actuator.

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