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guess402 01-28-2010 12:08 PM

Replacing Stock JL Audio
Guys I want to get some better sound out of my stock JL system on a 2008 x-15 ss. I really like the stock look of the boat and the JLs so my original goal was to find something that I could put in their place (at least on the tower but maybe also the in boats) where I could perhaps put the JL covers back over the new speakers.

I did some searches but came up blank. I am sure someone else has done something like this. I have been posting on WW but figured what beter place to ask then here where most people own MCs.

If I cant keep the JL grills is there anything I can but in the stock cans on the tower? I hope so I just really don't want to lose the stock look. But if it comes down to it the sound is more important than the stock look.

Also has anyone put some speakers in the rear kick panel? Any reasons not to do that?

Any thoughts would be greatly apreciated

Ole Miss Rebels 01-28-2010 12:28 PM

in my opinion, the stock 7.7" jl cabin speakers are absolutely killer as long as they are powered properly. they sound as good as the 6" wetsounds cabin speakers in my friends tige rz2. now, i added a second sub and seperate amp for that sub to help out on the bottom. the main deal, however is on the tower. i fought for two years whether to remove my four (4) factory cans and replace with (4) wetsounds pro 80's. i finally did it and while they do sound somewhat better they do not look nearly as nice as the stock cans. plus, i had the billett speaker covers for the stock tower cans and they were the best looking set-up you can find. so, looks-wise, the factory gere-marie billett cans with the billett mc by design grills (VERY pricey) are the best look without exception. also, they sound very good. they even sound better IN THE BOAT than the wetsounds do. but behind the boat the pro 80's reach approximately 30% better (my scale of interpreting). they are not three times better or even twice as good but they are better somewhat. whether they are worth the money is up to you. both are expensive but if you add the billett grills to the factory set-up the cost may be about the same. you will have to totally and significantly re-power the wetsounds however to get them to perform optimally. good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

Thrall 01-28-2010 12:39 PM

Be interested on opinions about installing speakers in the rear cockpit kick panel as well (under the back seat). Think I saw a boat with a set in this location. Only drawback I see so far is that they may get "kicked" regularly, although my 190 rear speakers survived down near the floor, just took a little abuse.
Regarding the tower cans. If you pull the big driver, you'll see that there's an additional ring screwed in there and the holes are slotted, looks like some adjustability there, not so much on the tweeters though.

guess402 01-28-2010 02:29 PM

So clearly I need to re-power these. If I wanted to do it properly what amps would I need and which speakers would they power. Totally stock system.

4 in-boat speakers for now
2 tower speakers
1 factory sub

Ole Miss Rebels 01-28-2010 03:25 PM

i am about as dumb as it comes to technology as it relates to audio but i do know that the JL factory speakers (both tower and cabin) need 150 Watts per speaker. that may be a little overkill but it gives you a lot of "headroom" where your speakers are being pushed by the cleanest part of the signal coming out of the amp somewhere in the middle of the power range. that is the cleanest and most efficient area of output in an amp. never push an amp (or a speaker) to it's limit> they always sound best when somewhere in the 1/2-2/3 of maximum range. then for the sub i would think you would want a 300watt mono block amp going to it. 150 watts is adequate but from experience it isn't quite enough. there is a wealth of knowledgeable people on here who can give you more specifics. good luck.

havinfun 01-28-2010 08:17 PM

First off, what is your goal on this?

If you are looking for more sound overall, maybe add speakers. If you only have 2 cans on the tower, why not add another set so you have 4 total. this would increase the sound, and depending on what amps you have you might just be able to hook them into the exsisting amp. Another option is to add an amp so you have more power available to use, the more power you have to use the less you are going to be pushing the limits of the speakers.

nmcjr 01-28-2010 11:34 PM

In my opinion you will want HLCD type speakers in the tower, such as wetsounds, bullet, nvs etc. I believe you can put the 7.7 Bullets in the factory MC cans, but I have only heard this, not done it myself. Two is plenty for me and I can hear them crystal clear while riding. The key to getting them to perform properly is to make sure they have adequate power, i.e. 150w RMS to each, with say the new HD JL amp. A friend has the same two speakers with a different amp and I can't hear his while riding.

Pay attention to max vs. RMS when looking at how much power you have going to each. In my opinion, if you upgrade the tower speakers to some good HLCD speakers with good power you will not have a need to add the speakers to the rear kick panel--the tower speakers will be more than enough and will fill the boat.

The JL's in the boat are great speakers so I would leave them, but I have read that they are typically a little under powered from the factory. If you bought a new amp for the tower it might free up some power for the cabin speakers, but again, once the tower speakers are upgraded you will probably find there is plenty of sound in the cabin.

It is important to make sure you are adequately powering the speakers you have before you add more. Otherwise, adding more underpowered speakers is a waste of money and will be counter productive.

havinfun 01-29-2010 03:52 AM

Thats exactly what I was trying to get across in my reply. On my friends 08 X45, the sound is pretty awesome, they have the 4 speker sets ni the boat and 4 on the tower, and 1 sub, JL Audio is pretty much the best out there as far as sound and quality. I would start at the amps and go from there!!!!!!!!

Jerseydave 01-29-2010 09:57 AM

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I am not a stereo expert, but my (6) stock JL cockpit speakers with one sub sounds awesome. Very clear sound and louder than most people can stand (incl my wife)

With that said, my 4 JL tower speakers are not quite loud enough for the rider to hear clearly. I have to use the fader on the head unit to "take sound away" from the cockpit and direct most of the sound coming out of the tower.

Does anyone know how to remedy this? A switch from tower-to-cockpit seems like the first step, along with re-wiring the amps so I have a dedicated amp for the tower (I have the 2 stock JL amps right now) Comments?

Sorry for the slight threadjack, but if you need to buy 2 more tower speakers you may want to consider the NVS speakers like these:

Attachment 55208

I've heard good things about these.......easy choice if you didn't already have tower speakers. (maybe sell yours on here and add the NVS's or wetsounds?)

Jerseydave 01-29-2010 10:01 AM

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Another NVS picture


BTW, where in the northeast are you guess402?

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