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Norm 07-26-2009 10:55 PM

How much ballast for Maristar 230
Bought a '99 Maristar 230 VRS last year and just got a wake surfboard this summer. We have 2 300lb fat sacs (in both sides of engine storage) but can't seem to get enough wake size to let go of the rope. New to surfing so wondering if we need more ballast and how much?

djhuff 07-27-2009 10:08 AM

I had an '03, and I don't think much changed between the years. You will want to put both sacs on the same side of the boat, maybe both in the storage compartment, or one in and the other on the seats.

I used to surf with the factory ballast, and a 500# sac on the seats on the side I wanted to surf. Made a pretty good wave

Just remember to put someone up in the bow too, you still need some weight up front to clean up the wave.

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