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Age Fighter 08-17-2008 05:45 PM

X-9, 209 and wake plates, etc
Would like any feedback from X9 or 209 owners who have installed or considered installing some sort of wake plate, suppression plate or trim tab for the purpose of shrinking the slalom wake hump. I bought the boat as a cross over, and I've figured out how to make much better boarding wakes than I anticipated. I am struggling a tad with the slalom wakes...and I am the slalom guy in the crowd!

My MC dealer rep said to hook the hull...which I found out was already done on these hulls starting in least in the center part of the transom inside the lifting strakes.

With a slight hook already, and the bottom of the boat not being perfectly flat where a plate of any kind would go...I am in need of some MC veterans advice here. It seems to me that a plate fashioned to play off the momentum of the hook should give added lift...but it might be tricky to install. Especially if you try to add hydraulics around the gas tank.

I know a lot about sterndrives...but I am inboard rook...need help. Thanks...

ProTour X9 08-17-2008 06:08 PM

If you want a cheaper possibly more labor intensive method you could take the weight out of the boat, back seat, ballast sacs, extra vests and gear, and even the tower.

We don't have much of a problem w/ the wake (in all ranges): I ski 28mph @ 15off, and up to my dad who does 34mph @ 32off. You get used to it in a year, but I like the idea of being able to change it, and may look into a plate, personally I wouldn't change the hull.

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